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Birchwood Nursery School

Our Ofsted Report

Birchwood Nursery School has been graded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted in the last 4 inspections. The summary of the key findings from our most recent inspection in March 2017 are:

This is an outstanding school

The school continues to provide children with an outstanding start to their education, and to prepare them very well for their next school.

The school successfully meets its stated aim to put ‘children at the heart of everything we do’.

The headteacher’s enthusiasm and ambition for children drive the school forward. The preschool manager, other staff and governors share her vision and dedication.

From starting points below those typical for their age, children make outstanding progress.

All groups of children are very effectively supported and guided to make strong progress from their starting points. Some disadvantaged children could do better still, but they miss a lot of school.

Children thrive and feel safe. They know they can turn to their key person, or any adult, if they are worried.

Staff know how to get the best out of their children. Staff morale is very high. They know that they are part of a very effective team making a positive difference to children’s lives.

Accurate assessment information enables teachers to plan for children’s next steps in their learning. Most of the next steps, but not all, clearly tell adults how best to support children to make good progress.

The interesting activities, and the imaginative ways staff present them, arouse children’s curiosity and thirst for learning.

The relationship with parents is very strong. Staff provide some useful opportunities for parents to find out how to help their children at home. Parents said that this is very helpful. While an excellent start, more opportunities exist to build on this further