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Birchwood Nursery School

First Forest School session in Nursery

All the children in Nursery have now enjoyed their first Forest School experience. During the session the children were helped into their waterproof clothing and put on their own wellies. Once in our Forest School area, the children learned our new Forest school song and used sticks to drum rhythms on the tree stumps. We played Duck, Duck, Goose around the fire circle to help the children remember the rule, ‘We don't go across the fire circle’, and they demonstrated their kindness by ensuring everyone had a turn. The children went exploring around our Forest School area identifying red wool ‘dangers’ such as berries, prickly brambles and slippery tree stumps and learned the rule, ‘No pick, no lick, no sick!’ They also collected interesting natural materials, which they made into journey sticks after practising tying reef knots with cordage. We all enjoyed our warm juice and snack!